Saturday, March 15, 2014

Super Women

Age: Adults
Focus: Reflection and Discussion/ Simple Present (Routines)

The activity that follows has been designed for the song "SUPER WOMAN". Unlike other activities from the wiki, two songs sung by two different performers are used in this one. Because they coincidently have the same title and, of course, are about strong women, we decided to put the two together in one single activity. First, students list and share in pairs what qualities a woman must have to be a super woman. Then, they listen to the song and compare the two. After that, they have to say which of the two women portrayed in the songs is a real super woman and why. This activity is super simple for there is no writing but some reflection on the message presented in the song and some speaking practice. 

Activities - Downloadable

In case you choose to work with Alicia Key's version only, here is our suggestion for an activity. 

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