Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Present Perfect

Age: Adults
Focus: Present Perfect

The song "A SONG FOR YOU" is very old and cheesy, however it has sentences in the Present Perfect. I would only use it in one situation: If students had told me they enjoyed listening to the Carpenters. Even so, I would rather show them the version performed by Michael Bubblé, which is more updated, even classy, I might add. Feel free to show the original one, though.

It's a very short and simple task. First, students share in pairs what they might know about The Carpenters. Then, they answer a quiz and after that, they are showed the lyrics with the Present Perfect highlighted. Next, a slide explains what the Present Perfect is and finally, students engage into writing sentences about themselves.

Activity - Downloadable (The Carpenters)
Activity - Downloadable (Michael Bubblé)

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