Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"GREEN" Project

Age: Teens
Focus: Future Forms

It's no secret to anyone that Michael Jackson was very vocal about environmental issues. "EARTH SONG" is an example of how concerned he was about raising people's awareness on preserving and protecting the planet. This song is a great opportunity for students to:

1) Engage into a GREEN project, therefore collaborate in groups;   
2) Use future forms (WILL, GOING TO, Present Continuous);
3) Become aware of their role in the planet and what they can do to make it a better place.   

First, students are introduced to some vocabulary presented in the song. Then, they listen to the song and identify the problems we have in the planet and some questioning made by the author.  After that, students engage into a group discussion based on questions provided by the teacher. In the end, the teacher assigns a group project,  which could be a power point presentation, a poster, an illustration, a letter to the authorities, etc…  in other words, students are free to choose the means to express their concern about the planet.

Activity - Downloadable

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