Friday, May 1, 2015

Writing for a Magazine

Age: Adults
Focus: SHOULD for Advice

The activity below was made for the song "STARTING TODAY" by Elvis Presley. Although SHOULD is a grammar point learned by teens as well, this song is not suitable for them, so in case the target group is a teen group, I suggest that you adapt this activity for a song performed by a young band or singer. Keep in mind that the song must be about someone with a problem. Bands such as Good Charlotte or Simple Plan have lyrics that teens relate to.

The target audience here is an adult group, so students first share in pairs what they might know about Elvis. They play a brief Q/A game after searching  for information online. After that, they listen to the song and find out what the song is about. To wrap it up, students write a letter giving advice to someone. In the end, you could have students read their letters and choose the best advice or tape them to the wall.

Activity - Downloadable

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